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What are the ingredients in Goodness M*lk?

We use 100% natural ingredients found in the kitchen.

Goodness Oat m*lk is made from organic oats, organic cashew nuts (for the extra creaminess!) a pinch of sea salt and naturally filtered water. With 12% organic oats in our m*lk we stand out from the industry average which is about 2%! Creamy, velvety and oaty - that's Goodness oat m*lk. (If you're allergic to cashews, give us a shout - we're a small batch biz so can make bespoke bottles for you).

Goodness Almond M*lk is made from organic almonds, a pinch of sea salt and naturally filtered water. With 10% organic almonds in our m*lk we stand out from the industry average which again is only about 2%! Naturally silky, creamy and refreshing, you'll taste the Goodness.

Goodness Coconut m*lk is made from mature ripe coconuts, a pinch of sea salt and naturally filtered water. With 20% coconuts in our m*lk we stand out from the industry average with close to no coconut content in many other branded coconut milks (crazy right!) ...It's impossible not to taste the Goodness, we take you into along a tropic journey with our smooth coconut m*lk!

All our sweetened range of m*lks are naturally sweetened with organic Agave Nectar, Agave Nectar comes from the fluid inside the blue agave plant.

How are Goodness M*lks made? Do you milk a nut?

Ok, so the process differs slightly depending on the nut base we use. Without getting too scientific the basics are the same for all of our Goodness M*lks. We work with a family owned, sustainable specialist organic supplier in England who carefully source and select the highest quality organic nuts and oats. These are soaked in water and blended with naturally filtered water and a pinch of salt (& organic agave nectar for the sweetened range) to create our final Goodness M*lk. No added stabilisers, emulsifiers, oils or unnatural-sugars. Just our simple wholesome ingredients: nuts or oats, water and a pinch of sea salt.

How do I best use Goodness M*lks?

All our M*lks can be used just like you’d use regular milk (maybe even more!) – in coffee and tea, over cereal, in smoothies and shakes, or used in cooking (curries, soups etc) and of course, all types of baking. Our Almond M*lk is a great all-rounder. A splash is all you need to take your cereal, cuppa or smoothie to the next level! Oat makes a seriously delicious coffee and coconut in smoothies is a winner!

How long does Goodness M*lks last for in the fridge?

All our m*lks are freshly made on the day of delivery and have a quality life span of 4 days. The m*lks should be stored in the fridge at all times. Please do not freeze.

Why do the M*lks sometimes separate? How can I avoid this happening in my tea/coffee?

As our Goodness M*lks do not contain any artificial happenings such as stabilizers or gums, they can sometimes split when added to very hot drinks. Don’t worry, this is a completely natural process and doesn’t affect the quality of the tea/coffee – it can just look a bit different! To stop this happening, try keeping the M*lk chilled before adding into hot drinks and allow hot drinks to cool slightly before adding the M*lk. Pro tip: if you’re aiming for the perfect cup of coffee, avoid using dark roasted coffee with our M*lks as its high acidity encourages splitting.

Why is there sediment at the bottom of my glass M*lk bottle?

When storing our M*lks in the fridge, you may notice a residue or sediment at the bottom. Don’t worry – it’s just the blended nuts or oats that can sometimes settle at the bottom! Simply give the bottle a good shake so it mixes with the rest of the M*lk before using.

Why do you add salt to your M*lks?

Great question! Consuming unrefined, mineral-rich salt varieties like sea salt rather than heavily processed salt actually alkalises the body, providing essential electrolytes to prevent dehydration as well as supporting digestive health and optimal nutrient absorption. What’s more - just like in cooking - a pinch of salt brings out the natural flavours of the nuts and oats. We use a tiny amount to do so.

What makes Goodness M*lk ingredients organic?

We source our nuts and oats produce from specialist organic suppliers who do not routinely use pesticides. Our coconut m*lk is not organic, we use brown ripe coconuts which naturally fall from a tree. They are fully mature seeds and produce the most calorie usefulness.

Why is organic better?

Organic is better because it means produce is grown without the use of harmful pesticides, which are bad for the soil, the farmers and you, when you drink them.

Are your M*lks gluten-free?

Goodness almond and coconut m*lks are gluten-free, however our oat contains gluten (oats do not naturally contain gluten but may be cross contaminated with gluten containing crops when grown).

Why are Goodness M*lks more expensive than some other brands on the market?

We make our products in a way that’s good for you, tasty for all and good for the planet. That means sourcing organic nuts from sustainable organic suppliers. It means using 5-10 times as many nuts and oats as the average brand (some of whom only use 1% almond in their almond drinks!) and no stabilisers (like gellan or locust bean gum) or emulsifiers (like sunflower oil or lecithin).

Organic nuts are more expensive than non-organic ones but they’re much better for you and the planet. Using more nuts to give a rich, velvety and delicious texture is more expensive than using artificial flavourings, stabilisers or emulsifiers. We believe it’s worth paying more for a product that’s made with everything you need and nothing you don’t – hopefully you do too! We're also a very early stage startup biz not yet reaping the benefits of economies of scale (the cost advantages gained by companies when production becomes efficient due to costs being spread over a larger number of goods).

Are Goodness M*lks suitable for kids?

100% yes! Our M*lks are great for kids and unlike many other dairy-free brands on the market, they are organic and made using natural ingredients with absolutely no additives, artificial sweeteners or stabilisers like oils, gums or lecithin. That said, they obviously shouldn’t be used to replace breastmilk or formula for babies as these are rich in a variety of nutrients that young children need and aren’t found in our M*lks.

Do you deliver internationally?

When we launch early 2021, we will initially only ship within the inner zones 1-6 in London UK. Subscribe for updates where we'll share details on our expansion! 


What are the benefits of drinking plant-based M*lk over dairy?

The benefits really fall into three areas: 1. Environmental - dairy and meat production takes a huge toll on the environment, creating 51% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions (more than ALL of the world’s transportation put together). Goodness M*lk alternatives help reduce the carbon footprint of your milk consumption by over 65%. 2. Ethical – no animals are harmed in the making of our M*lks. 3. Health – our M*lks are low in saturated fat, salt and sugar. They’re made from organic nuts, oats and, filtered water and pinch of salt with no additives. While our sweetened range includes organic natural agave nectar.

You talk about your M*lks reducing the impact on the environment but don’t almonds use a huge amount of water and often come from drought-ridden places like California?

Almonds are a relatively water-intensive crop. Our Almond M*lk uses around 10-20 litres of water to make a litre of M*lk – from tree to table. While dairy milk uses 500+ litres of water per litre of milk! What’s more, almonds have the lowest carbon footprint of any plant-based alternative (the BBC has a great climate change food calculator here if you’d like to check it out). We source all our almonds from suppliers that avoids putting pressure on drought-ridden places like California (and also means we have much less far to transport them!). We ensure that our organic Almond M*lk is as environmentally-friendly as possible.

How are your nuts sourced and how are they sustainable?

All our nuts are sourced from small and family owned, sustainable specialist organic suppliers in England who carefully source and select the highest quality organic nuts.

We hope we've covered all the questions you have. Feel free to drop us a note at with any further questions and we'll' add it to the list.